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exit Train

Go up the stairs

Go Left out of he building, follow the road to ground level

(Gedempte Gracht)

On the right hand side you a grocery store Albert Heyn  (shop) BUT bring your own bag, or buy ont in the shop at the register

Stay on the right ( south ) side

walk until you see a store HEMA

Past he Hema go right ( Dampadsteeg)

This walk way will end go Left ( Rozen Gracht)

the road will curve to the right  

Take the first left ( Czaar Peter straat)

Go tot he right side

on the left you will see a super market

At the super market turn right (krimp)

at the end, where the road turns to the right you take a 3 step path to the higher street ( Hogendijk)

( alternatively at the supermarket keep walking forward till you come to the next street on the right  Hogendijk)

Cross the Hogendijk to the large walking bridge

After about 150 feet on the right side you see a path going down to the docks

Take that and keep walking straight ahead till you see Jan-Kees

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